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10 Professional Tips for Dress Mannequin for E-commerce Business

If you want to showcase your products in the best way possible online, it’s important to use a ghost mannequin for photography. Ghost mannequins are custom-built mannequins with detachable body parts, allowing you to create a realistic human figure for your product images. Here are 10 professional tips for using a dress mannequin for your e-commerce business:

1. Pick the Right Mannequin for Your Item: When choosing a mannequin for your e-commerce item photography, it’s important to select one that is the right size and fit for your piece. This will help to illustrate the outline of your dress and showcase its best features. Using hooks or clips can also be useful to ensure the best fit.

2. Choose the Appropriate Size of the Mannequin: Make sure to choose a mannequin that best represents your product, as having an ill-fitting mannequin can make the clothing look worse than it is. It’s also useful to have multiple mannequins in different sizes to shoot with.

3. Pack the Garments in Sensible Capturing Order: Before starting your photo shoot, pack your clothes in a logical capturing order, selecting those that fit without having to change mannequins or pieces. This will save you time and effort during the shoot.

4. Choice of the Remove Mannequin Modules: Determine which mannequin modules must be removed to properly showcase your product. For example, when wearing a blazer, showcasing the lining is an important feature, so any garments that may cover it up should be removed.

5. Establish Your Lighting: It’s important to set up your lighting and camera angles to highlight the dress’s key characteristics without washing out any colors. Take a variety of photos from different angles to give customers a sense of the fabric and fit.

6. Prepare the Photoshoot: Before starting the shoot, double-check that you have all necessary equipment, including cameras, tripods, and lamps. Maintain the balance of the outfit over the mannequin when photographing common clothes to enhance the item’s look.

7. Arrange the Camera and Devices: Adjust your camera settings to meet the demands of your photograph. Increase the aperture to focus on the item’s outlining, use a high ISO configuration to reduce noise and gray areas, and modify the shutter speed according to the background lighting and hue of the dress.

8. Take Images: Take the photos with the camera placed at the dress’s chest or hip height and ensure the camera angle is correct to prevent manipulated or uneven-looking garments. Consider using a tripod to capture small details such as zippers or embroideries.

9. Change the Picture: Use post-processing techniques such as Adobe Photoshop to give your photos a professional look. Create different layers for the backdrop and the piece, select the item, and cover up any unnecessary elements. Adding texture to the pictures with dark areas is also a smart idea.

10. Ghost Mannequin Photography to Enhance Your Business: Incorporating these do-it-yourself tips or using commercial photography services can give your e-commerce business a strategic advantage over its competitors.

By following these tips, you can make the most out of your dress mannequin and create stunning product images for your e-commerce business.

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